Leveraging enterprise data for a competitive advantage

A real-world challenge


Our client, a large U.S. health plan, had sizable datasets but required modernization and better database syncing. They reached out to Carelon Global Solutions to help them build a platform that could handle their unique data management needs.

Meaningful solutions


When tracked, migrated, and governed accurately and efficiently, data enables informed, intelligent decisions and mitigates risk.

To give our client the market edge they needed, we helped design a data intelligence and automation platform that consolidates and organizes their datasets. This digital technology manages over 12,000 batch jobs around the clock, saving 700 hours of human effort each month.

The platform, in essence, minimizes complexity, targets actionable data, and ensures accuracy. Flexibility is central to the design — changes can be quickly implemented to improve time to market.

With their new data management platform, our client saw a 30% increase in data optimization and saved $2.5 million.