The future of healthcare lies in blockchain

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How blockchain can unchain healthcare

The potential of blockchain in healthcare technology applications stretches far beyond its use in cryptocurrencies. Insurers and providers alike are exploring the ability of distributed ledger systems to make secure, real-time updates to shared data for everything from payment processing to provider data records.

Unleash rapid payment reconciliation

When batch processing takes place overnight, payment status updates take longer. These delays can cause confusion and impact trust and transparency. A blockchain-based payment reconciliation system could allow payers, providers, and banks to follow their funds in real time, accelerating everything from checking first-party insurance liability to making sure patients are paying the right amount at the point of service.

Unlock accurate provider enrollment data

Providers and insurers put a significant amount of work into updating provider membership data, but patients still find it difficult to get accurate coverage information. A distributed , multi-company blockchain could track provider updates accurately and immediately for all stakeholders at once.

Unchain healthcare operations

Deploying blockchain-based systems will require collaboration between numerous stakeholders, including competitors. Nonetheless, it holds great promise in reducing duplicated effort, increasing data transparency, and accelerating a wide range of back-office processes.