Resolving complex payer issues using chatbots and advanced AI

Dad with phone holding sleeping child

A real-world challenge

Our client, a U.S. health insurer, engaged subject matter experts to resolve all their technical issues. This was expensive and time-consuming. They contacted Carelon Global Solutions to see if we could help develop a digital solution that would immediately respond to common technology problems.

Meaningful solutions

While human IT experts are necessary for complex technical challenges, new technology can reduce their workload and assist users with commonplace issues.

To help our client, our digital team of over 100 AI and machine learning experts used computer vision and image processing, cloud AI, and natural language processing to create an interactive chatbot. The chatbot addresses typical technology mishaps, walks customers through step-by-step troubleshooting instructions, and creates incident reports.

Once the chatbot was activated, 75% of interactions were handled digitally and more incidents were resolved each day in far less time. This not only improved user experience, but also saved the company $300,000 annually.